Healthier Scotland Consultation

What does being healthier mean for Scotland?

The consultation

Healthier Scotland is a Scottish Government initiative to talk to as many people as possible about their health priorities, to inform policy about Health and Social Care.

People Know How’s team wanted to ensure that older people with higher support needs had the chance to input to the Healthier Scotland consultation. We are grateful to the Canalside Day Centre run by Cornerstone who welcomed us on the 11th February 2016 to talk to a group that included day centre users, staff and volunteers.

Our method

Some of the people that we wished to engage with were living with a diagnosis of dementia. Therefore the approach that we took to the consultation was:

  • to keep questions simple and conversational
  • to have small group or 1:1 conversations
  • to make use of visual prompts and stories

We also produced four short stories about people facing challenges around their health and wellbeing, and their use of health and social care services, so that the participants could pick a story and work through the different questions they were provided with.

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Our report

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