Consultation with Children and Young People

We believe that children and young people know what kind of support they need and should be instrumental in the development of an innovative service that reflects their needs and ideas.

The Consultation

Our consultation closely aligns with the aims of the Scottish Government, particularly the Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) policy and the Curriculum for Excellence. It has supported young people to become confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors, and has ensured young people are respected and included.

Our consultation workshops were developed to involve young people in decisions that affect their wellbeing, encourage them to take active roles by contributing their opinions, and ensure that PKH has the capacity to involve them as equally contributing members of their communities.

Our Aim

People Know How is devoted to innovating positive change, by valuing people’s potential, investing in creative processes, committing to meaningful action, and striving for innovating solutions.

Through this consultation, we aimed to support young people to discuss and identify existing gaps in youth support so that we could begin working alongside young people to develop new innovative ideas, projects, and services.

We have now consulted with a total of 151 young people across Edinburgh and East Lothian, engaging them in a creative and collaborative process, exploring where they see challenges and opportunities, and identifying what issues they think are top priorities for improving young people’s lives.

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Key areas

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    Access to Activities

    Ensuring that young people have opportunities to do things they enjoy

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    Improving schools

    Having more chances to learn and improving school facilities

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    Better lives

    Ensuring that young people have respect, responsibility, and support to fulfill their potential

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    Nurturing Environments

    Growing up in nurturing homes and neighbourhoods

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    Health & Healthy Eating

    Staying healthy and keeping fit

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    Being safe

    Having safe places to grow up, learn and play

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    Stop Bullying

    Preventing bullying and providing support

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    Drugs & Alcohol

    Ensuring young people have support to prevent and address drug abuse, smoking, and underage drinking


The key areas for children and young people are varied, broad, and rich. We are committed to further exploring and addressing the challenges and opportunities they raise through further community research, working in partnership with other organisations, community development, and social innovation. Moving forward, we are confident these findings will shape our development and improve the quality of support that young people receive.

Our report

Download our final report to find out more about this consultation