Positive Transitions

Designed for young people by young people.

What Is Positive Transitions?

Positive Transitions is a project made by young people for young people. People Know How wanted to empower them to make a great start as they began secondary school. We wanted to give young people the right opportunities to be heard, helping them to:

  • Make informed choices
  • Build skills to survive and thrive at secondary school
  • Connect with their community and other organisations

Creating an open dialogue with young people we built a project together and provided them with an approach that met their needs and the needs of young people that follow them.

We’re delighted to report on the project that ran during the 2016/17 school year. Here is a summary of the project and you can read all the details in the report available for download below along with four films highlighting the project at Portobello High School, Leith Academy, Trinity Academy and the Youth Day when all the schools came together.

People Now How's team at the office

Project Summary

  • Trained and supported 44 volunteers making up our Positive Transitions Engagement team
  • Ran engagement and project design activities with young people over 4 months gaining 1243 responses
  • Trained and supported 9 volunteers to be befrienders/mentors
  • Established and supported a youth board in each of the three schools
  • Developed interactive and engaging consultation workshops
  • Delivered 72 workshops with the 3 schools with 550 pupils (groups of 20-30 pupils in each workshop)
  • Conducted 9 workshops with the youth boards, intensively supporting 32 young people
  • Created a film with each youth board/school explaining their transition to secondary school
  • Ran a Youth Day, bringing together the 32 young people we supported, and school staff to share experiences, ideas and learning to improve transition in each school
  • Delivered two different interventions to support young people:
  • Befriending/Mentoring programme
  • Art psychotherapy programme

Over the year we intensively supported 46 young people who were experiencing difficulties in S1 (first year of secondary school) through befriending/mentoring, art therapy and one to one support; ensuring they made a positive start to secondary school.

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People Now How's team at the office

Trinity Academy

People Now How's team at the office

Leith Academy

People Now How's team at the office

Portobello High School

What next:

The Positive Transitions project has led to our work in 2017/18 and beyond as follows:

  • Expanding our work into 6 schools
  • Last year’s S1 pupils are buddying the new intake of S1 pupils
  • Continuing to provide Art Therapy in more schools
  • Piloting Music Therapy in 2 schools
  • Running a group on a Friday afternoon for young people S1 to S3
  • Developing a service supporting children & young people affected by parental substance use
  • Expanding befriending/mentoring to support young people and their parents/carers with school learning as part of our Learning & Growing Together (LG2) project

Would you like to join us as a volunteer or student on placement?

We’re looking for people that have an interest and enthusiasm for working with and supporting young people and/or their parents/carers. We offer full induction, training, support and supervision for you to help young people and their families in different ways including:

Training will include explaining the Scottish Government strategy for children and young people – Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC); and working safely with children and young people including child protection.
NOTE: We will require volunteers to join the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme.


You will receive comprehensive support from People Know How including induction, training and supervision.
You will receive training relevant to your position including effective communication skills, child protection, drug and alcohol use, and forming positive relationships.


  • See a children & young people’s project develop from start to finish
  • Learn how to design and run consultations and focus groups as part of a team
  • Get experience supporting young people one to one and in group settings
  • Gain experience of youth work and knowledge about child protection policy
  • Boost your CV and get a reference of your volunteering experience with People Know How
  • Be part of an exciting and active team


We are very grateful to our funders for their support and collaboration to run this project. We could not do what we do without your support; thank you.

Our report

Download our final report to find out more about this consultation