Positive Transitions

Designed for young people by young people.

What Is Positive Transitions?

Positive Transitions is a project made by young people for young people. People Know How wants to empower them to make a great start as they begin secondary school. We want to give young people the right opportunities to been heard, helping them to:

  • Make the right choices
  • Build skills to survive and thrive at secondary school
  • Connect with the community and other organisations

Creating an open dialogue with young people we will build a project together and provide them with an approach that meets their needs and the needs of young people that follow them.

We are also working with statutory services.

Would You Like To Participate?

You can help us in many ways:

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What Does Volunteering Involve?

We’re looking for volunteers that have an interest and enthusiasm for working with and supporting young people. We will be delivering different training sessions including how to design a consultation, consult with young people, their families and carers along with explaining the Scottish Government strategy for children and young people – Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC); and working safely with children and young people including child protection.

We will be actively talking with and supporting young people to empower them to share their ideas on how the service could be designed. Volunteers will be designing and implementing the project:

  • Design workshops and activities to run with young people
  • Help involving and connecting young people with the community and other organisations
  • Create and conduct different questionnaires to reach teachers, young people, parents, carers and the range of stakeholders
  • Be responsible of updating social media as well as designing and developing online platforms
  • Analyse the collected data
  • Organise events with young people
  • Final report writing and disseminating the findings

Note: We will require volunteers to join the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme.


You will receive comprehensive support from People Know How including induction, training and support.
You will also receive Youth Befriending training, covering areas such as child protection, drug and alcohol use, and effective communication skills.


  • See a youth project develop from start to finish
  • Learn how to design and run consultations and focus groups as part of a team
  • Gain experience of youth work and knowledge about child protection policy
  • Boost your CV and get a reference of your volunteering experience with People Know How
  • Be part of an exciting and active team