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Research Briefings

This project is about gathering information on social issues so People Know How can build a database of briefings to influence current and future projects. We have developed a unique programme that equips people to write good quality Research Briefings on a range of topics around social innovation and modern day social issues. We ensure a consistency and quality to all the Research Briefings that will then be posted on our website and made widely available.

What will Research Briefings be used for?

  • To integrate and summarise what is known about a subject
  • To synthesise the available information into an organised and structured summary
  • To summarise prior research so that we can link it to our current and future projects

A team of volunteers (mostly university students) create Research Briefings that inform and develop innovative ways of addressing social issues, making social research more accessible. Volunteers are supported through regular peer review sessions and are included in our supportive environment that is informed by our values and vision.

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What does volunteering involve?


You’ll receive comprehensive support from People Know How including induction and orientation; support, supervision and access to attend a training workshop organised for the volunteers.
You’ll also have access to a closed social media group where you can discuss different aspects of reviewing papers with fellow volunteers and have any queries you may have answered by the PKH team.


  • Strengthen review skills through training
  • Get a review on our website as lead author
  • Have your review linked to your professional social media profile
  • Boost CV and improve employability
  • Work from home