Raising Cultural Awareness in Children and Young People

Itziar Irigoyen and Gaia Croston Research Briefings

This briefing aims to outline how cultural awareness initiatives can reduce discrimination experienced by immigrant children and young people in Scotland.
Discrimination, Cultural awareness, Children and young people, Learning initiatives.
Key Points
  • Migration in Scotland is of growing importance, and Edinburgh in particular has one of the largest communities of migrant and non-native children in the country.
  • Evidence indicates racism and discrimination towards migrants is a prominent issue in local classrooms, with potential consequences for students’ health and wellbeing such as depression, poor educational outcomes and aggressive behaviour.
  • Cultural exchanges and awareness initiatives can discourage discriminatory attitudes and behaviour towards migrant children and youths, can equip students with practical skills and can benefit both non-native and native-born children psychologically and academically.
  • Recommendations for global learning initiatives include participation in global online communities and cultural education in the classroom.