Our Projects

We have developed a diverse portfolio of projects all with the express aim of supporting people to unlock their ideas.

  • Students at Social Innovation Academy
    Learning For Change
    Through this project, we aim to promote the use of practical skills with real experiences.
  • Our volunteers discussing the result from their consultation
    Consulting Communities
    We consult with communities in Scotland to develop innovative solutions for them based on their needs.
  • Joined hands of people from different cultures
    Connecting Cultures
    We promote and facilitate dialogue connecting different cultures in Scotland toward identifying the solutions that will help them fulfil their potential.
  • Hands painted on a wall
    Transforming Lives
    We actively work with children, young people and older people recognising the value of intergenerational work to help them take positive actions.

People Know How’s Projects

We organise our work around four themes: Learning for Change, Consulting Communities, Connecting Cultures and Transforming Live. These are all based on the principles of social innovation, working in partnership with communities and organisations to make Edinburgh inclusive and accessible. We are open to new, innovative ideas, always work in partnership and work to our values especially around ensuring equality.

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