Learning & Growing Together

Supporting young people and their families around learning.

What is Learning & Growing Together?

Learning & Growing Together (LG-2) is a project that supports young people and their families around learning. Working closely with schools in Edinburgh, this project seeks to support children, young people and their families requiring intensive support around learning. LG-2 is a new project within our Positive Transitions service that works with children, young people and families.

LG-2 will help and support them:

  • Feel understood and valued
  • Develop their potential: Gain self-esteem and confidence
  • Overcome personal, school and learning challenges

We support children, young people and parents/carers in a number of way:

  • Befriending / Mentoring – offering one to one support and encouragement to children, young person; as they explore learning and life.
  • Art Therapy / Music Therapy – individual or group sessions offering therapeutic support.
  • Friday Club – facilitating a group of children, young people after school with practical skills to help others and workshop sessions building their confidence and life skills. Young people have designed this group to be a safe, fun place where they feel accepted and respected.
  • Parent / Carer Support – support parents and carers to support their child/young person.

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Read about Laila, Leigh, Luke and Luca and how our different approaches really made a difference:

  • Connector.


    Laila has just gone into second year at high school and was feeling “a bit mixed-up”. Her friends are in different classes and she isn’t getting along with people. “The banter just goes too far and I feel really hurt sometimes”. When she was first introduced to her befriender she wasn’t sure it was going to work out. She didn’t know what to talk about and it felt odd talking with someone she didn’t know. A few weeks later and all that was forgotten. Laila reflected on things and said at a review session with the Co-ordinator that it really helped to talk about things that stressed her out and we have some real laughs. I feel more confident now and have made a couple of new friends. My mum and teachers all say I’m nicer to be around now. “Cheeky or what”!!

  • Connector.


    Leigh was really angry when we first met her. She explained how life was very complicated and she just couldn’t see a way through things. “Everywhere I turn it’s like everyone is arguing”. She thought art therapy sounded a bit silly and she didn’t even like art at school. Sophie our art therapy student explained that it wasn’t like doing art at school – she could draw, paint – even use clay. Leigh soon felt at ease at found that the sessions helped her to think things through. She has made some difficult decisions and life is still hard but she says art therapy has definitely helped. “I can feel calm now – sometimes”.

  • Connector.


    Luke was described by his teacher as “full of energy” and Luke told us how he is always in “trouble” at school. It’s like “everyone is down on me, he said. It’s been good coming to the Friday Group and helping other people. “We’ve been landscaping the grounds outside the People Know How office and it looks really good. It’s good feeling like I can do something good”. Luke has also enjoyed the times when we think about a topic or theme like how to manage difficult feelings and says the sessions have helped him see things differently and he has approached things at school differently. “The Head teacher has seen less of me recently” he laughed, “I’ve not been in his office quite as much!!”

  • Connector.


    Luca has one son who has just left school and has taken up an apprenticeship. When he met us first he felt rather lost as a parent saying, “It all seemed so straightforward first time around but I just don’t get my youngest”. Sarah has met up with him weekly and talked things over. She has talked with Luca about a few different approaches to being a dad. Luca didn’t realise how much help and advice was available. “If only you know where to look and who to listen too. Sarah has been great steering me in the right direction, while re-assuring me that I know my son best”. He found Sarah and the team really friendly and helpful; and enjoyed having “time to think”. He is feeling more positive about the future and say he and his son have more good days now.

What Does Volunteering Involve?

We’re looking for volunteers that have an interest and enthusiasm for working with and supporting young people.


You will receive comprehensive support from People Know How including induction, training and support.

You will also receive Befriending/Mentoring training, covering areas such as child protection, drug and alcohol use, and effective communication skills.

We provide comprehensive training sessions including how to support young people, communication skills, along with explaining the Scottish Government strategy for children and young people – Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC); and working safely with children and young people including child protection.

NOTE: We will require volunteers to join the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme.


  • Be part of developing the project
  • Learn how to design and run consultations and focus groups as part of a team
  • Gain experience of youth work and knowledge about child protection policy
  • Boost your CV and get a reference of your volunteering experience with People Know How
  • Be part of an exciting and active team