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Volunteer with us! We will support you through the process and you will be given the opportunity to develop your interests while making a real difference.

Why volunteer with us?

People Know How will give you an opportunity to learn new skills and be part of a diverse team gaining transferable skills, meeting great people and engaging with the community. We will support you through the process and you will be given the opportunity to develop your interests while making a real difference. Through our “People Pledge” we are committed to ensuring that people gain as much (if not more!!) from joining the team, as we do organisationally.

We have a spacious unit at Ocean Terminal shopping centre complete with a multi-purpose community space. As a member of the People Know How team you can get involved in all areas of our work: Learning for Change, Consulting Communities, Connecting Cultures and Transforming Lives, and gain valuable skills and experience whilst working in a supportive and dynamic learning environment.

We have lots of exciting opportunities for volunteers, students on placement, interns and people looking for work experience with a passion for people, based around community development, social research and social innovation — all with the aim of “unlocking your ideas for a better future, today”.

Check out our People Pledge document — At People Know How we value our team, as they make everything we do possible.

Skills you will gain

Social Research
Academic Writting
Pressenting Your Ideas
Creative Thinking

How you can participate

Would you like to help us build our database of social research briefings? Your research could influence the current and future projects of People Know How and other organisations in Scotland. Write a Research Briefing today!

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We are offering a multi-purpose community space for the use of charities, associations and community groups at no cost. We need Public Relations Volunteers with good interpersonal communication skills to run this space during the week and weekends. Do you have a spare hour a week?

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We support people who are considered to be disadvantaged by improving their digital literacy and enabling them to make use of the internet. We aim to reduce social isolation and associated effects such as loss of confidence, loneliness and low self-esteem.

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By becoming a Youth Engagement Volunteer you will become part of Positive Transitions, a youth service that will support at risk young people as they transition from primary to secondary school. We need volunteers to help design and run exciting youth consultations and workshops.

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Volunteers will help us to explore Scottish opinions of Spain – our shared heritage, culture and history — as a basis to build bridges and develop stronger connections and integration between the two communities in Edinburgh. Rather than focus on the often controversial and emotive issues the media portrays – such as lack of housing and demands on education — we are highlighting the benefits of immigration and diversity. We are doing this by gathering oral history, photographs and images around package holidays in Spain from the 1950s.

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