Consulting Communities

We consult communities to help them identify their needs.

Our Aim

We will use our Social Innovation Model, to train and support volunteers in a given community to carry out their consultation process.

Volunteers in a community consultation event

Current Projects

This was a Scottish Government initiative to talk to as many people as possible about their health priorities, in order to inform policy about Health and Social Care. The People Know How team wanted to ensure older people with higher support needs had the opportunity to have their say and give their input to the Healthier Scotland Consultation.

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The aim of the Fairer Scotland Consultation was to consult a group of people with the aim of creating a debate about what is needed to create a Fairer Scotland.

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Having gathered valuable information, we are committed to addressing these areas for change by developing innovative new ideas, projects and services that better support young people and reflect their views.

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We are also working with a newly established network of individuals and organisations to look at the needs of the growing community of Spanish speaking people in Edinburgh.

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