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Gain experience interviewing people and running an oral history and memory project, while participating in a community engagement project.

Volunteer in gathering oral history and memories

Shared Future recognises the unprecedented increase in the Spanish speaking population in Edinburgh and the opportunity for integration with the local population. We are exploring Scottish people’s opinions of Spain and our shared heritage, culture and history. We want to use these as a basis to build bridges and develop stronger connections and integration between the two communities. Rather than focus on the often controversial and emotive issues the media portrays – like lack of housing and demands on education — we are highlighting the benefits of immigration and diversity

We have chosen “package holidays” as an example of our shared heritage, as holidays by their very nature are positive. Additionally, the past is often portrayed by people as the “good old days” (whether they were or not). Basing the project on package holidays makes for an attractive and engaging proposition.

We will create a chronological account of “package holidays” from the 1950s to the present day, using personal accounts – namely from the experiences of Edinburgh residents who went on package holidays. We will record people’s stories as oral history, collect and digitise their holiday “snaps”, and source holiday brochures and marketing from across the decades. We will use these accounts and images to create an exhibition celebrating diversity and the links already established between the two communities.

What does volunteering involve?

We need people interested in talking to people and listening to their stories. We also need people to use cameras, record the interviews, take photographs and offer us digital support. Knowledge of social media and assistance in promoting the project will be very welcome, and of course an interest in social history and cultural issues is important too! We need volunteers who can:

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Design interviews and focus groups and run themRecord, digitise and photograph the material from the interviewsCreate and conduct questionnairesBe responsible for updating our social media pagesAnalyse the collected dataDesign a method for storing the materials into archives and platformsDesign and develop online platformsOrganise exhibitionsWrite a final reportRun presentations

Why would you like to join us?


You will receive comprehensive support from People Know How, including induction and orientation, support and supervision.

We will provide training sessions where, volunteers will be introduced to the project and find out more about it. At the same time, they will gain skills in conducting interviews and in gathering oral history and memory.


  • Strengthen your communication skills through training and conducting research
  • Improve team working skills and volunteer in an interdisciplinary team
  • Gain skills in managing intercultural projects and environments
  • Be part of an exciting project that will involve working with and talking to elderly people, and that will help you in building your own confidence
  • Boost your CV and get a reference of your volunteering experience with People Know How

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